stubby: the series

A heart-warming comedic animated series of lovable stray dog Stubby and his band of street urchin friends – Anna, Athena, and Victor – navigating life in the bustling city of New Haven, Connecticut in 1915.

Join Stubby on his adventures in a not-so-simpler time!

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stubby: the series

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Seen mostly from the perspective of our canine hero, Stubby and his friends discover joy in the simple things of life, even though they must constantly evade capture by malicious adults including Roland the Dog Catcher, an ugly man with an even uglier personality; Officer Sheehan, the oafish neighborhood cop and his menacing but easily-distracted bloodhound, Benny; and Anna’s own father, the local butcher who always smells of pork chops (to Stubby’s delight).

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stubby II

SGT. STUBBY 2 brings Conroy and Stubby home to Connecticut, where life isn’t exactly as it was before they left. There were now more cars than horses on the streets, women could vote, movies and celebrity culture was born, and the sudden rush of modern city life meant new challenges like organized crime and anarchistic terror.

During all this, a chance encounter with a theater impresario leads Stubby to the bright lights of vaudeville, treading the same boards as major stars of the day and bringing joy to millions of Americans adjusting to life after wartime.

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stubby and friends

Produced in collaboration with celebrated children’s author and illustrator Scott Christian Sava (Spider-Man, The Dreamland Chronicles), Stubby and Conroy’s further adventures will continue in a free web comic as the all-American hero dog makes new friends across France after the war.

When the war ended, Stubby and Conroy did not immediately return to the US; they took a trip to Provence and the French Riviera. They visited Gaston in Moustiers-Sainte- Marie, where Stubby made some new friends.

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