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SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO® (released internationally as SGT. STUBBY: AN UNLIKELY HERO®) is an award-winning, computer-animated feature film based on the incredible true story of history’s most decorated dog.

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With the “War to End All Wars” looming, the life of Army “doughboy” Robert Conroy (Logan Lerman, Fury, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Percy Jackson & The Olympians) is forever changed when a little stray dog with a stubby tail wanders into training camp in New Haven, Conn. Conroy gives his new friend a name, a family and a chance to embark on an adventure that would define a century.

Narrated by Robert’s sister Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech, the Harry Potter series, Alice in Wonderland), “Stubby” and his new best friend quickly find themselves in the trenches of France and on the path to history. Befriended by French poilu infantryman Gaston Baptiste (Gérard Depardieu, Life of Pi, Cyrano De Bergerac, The Man in the Iron Mask, Green Card), Stubby accompanies the duo along their epic journey through harsh conditions and incredible acts of courage.

For valorous actions above and beyond his small stature, Stubby is recognized as the most decorated dog in history and the first dog promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army, showing the world that the greatest heroes can come from the unlikeliest of places.

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