what is the stubby squad?

The Stubby Squad, simply put, is all of you—the fans who have given us so much love and who have helped turn one small movie about a scrappy stray into a global phenomenon!

The Stubby Squad is also a fan-sponsored website where support from you, the fans, helps us create more of the family entertainment you crave.

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We have lots more of Stubby’s incredible “tail” to tell, but we can’t do it without the Stubby Squad by our side!

When you join the Stubby Squad, you’re joining a community of people who are ready to see a change in the type of entertainment their families consume. It’s a place where you get the chance to tell the creators what you want to see and help them make it. We can’t make this new, innovative content without your help!

Your membership fee directly funds our future projects as well as this exclusive members-only content:

original documentaries and animation

production notes and "squadcasts"

play & learn activities for all ages

French cooking with Chef Gaston

squad news and community forums

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squadcasts, production blogs, and more

Receive access to work-in-progress images, exclusive in-studio videos, podcasts, and stories from the front lines as we bring the further real-life adventures of Stubby from the sketchbook to the screen.

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amazing animation

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Contribute, Discuss

stubby community

Let your voice have an impact on the future of your family's entertainment! Share your own activities and curriculum ideas with fellow Stubby Squad members, provide feedback to our artists in the studio, and participate in the development process through polls and filmmaker Q&A sessions.

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in the pawprints of history

Visit the real locations featured in the film with writer/director Richard Lanni’s members-only web series following the adventures of Sgt. Stubby and the 102nd Infantry Regiment across France, including a trench excavation project led by high schoolers from Stubby’s home state of Connecticut.

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play & learn

DIY crafts and educational activities
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Incorporate Sgt. Stubby into your everyday playtime with awesome projects for the home and classroom!

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learn the art of French cooking for chefs of all ages

Cooking With Gaston

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Stubby Squad members enjoy a sitewide 20% discount on all Stubby Store merchandise, as well as exclusive members-only items throughout the year.

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